The Journey is a personal adventure that flows through the conditions of cooperation realms. When you join Cooperacy you can ask for a personal mentor that will guide you though the Cooperacy Journey and develop your cooperation skills. Together, you will follow the journey seven steps and learn together -your mentor is just a more experienced learner- the way for accomplishing a profound cooperation awareness and to better understand the Cooperacy project. You will learn how to "read" contexts and groups, how to bring important changes together and how to renovate the social ecosystemic balance around you. The Cooperacy Journey brings you in a new world, showing you a new way of reasoning, empowering your role in your organization, your community or your same social context in order to bring mutual benefits and multirelational balance.


The Journey is also a path of growth for groups. In order to bring improvement and needed changes, the Cooperacy Journey provides a path that follows the seven conditions in order to bring forward all the group or organisation development power. Some companies that have strong rational or pyramidal structures need more equivalence to foster innovation through better internal services instead of leadership changes, while some institutions need more diversity or freedom to shake a little bit the recurring or stagnant processes they face. Family and small groups may need to improve their strange information and decision flows. The Cooperacy Journey follows the same path for learning dedicated group methodologies that bring better coordination of the organization's diversities establishing mutual understanding, resolving limitations, distributing information and rebuilding trust.


The Cooperation Journey is a path through the many relations we have within our social groups, even at a personal level. Feeling like a team, and feeling different groups as a bigger team is thinking in an ecosystemic way. The group's journey is therefore one of the best adventure we can do to improve our personal and "ecosystemic" selves: the outcome is to become aware of the surrounding social and natural ecosystem, to release tensions where we are damaging our possibility to enjoy our lives, to respect the different nuances everyone of us has, be it the family, the friends, the colleagues or the world's level, and to focus on our intimate desires as part of the community improvements. At the end of the Journey new integration tools and a new awareness will bring fresh energy and new possibilities for the best of the personal self, the social groups and even the natural ecosystem.