You may love doing things together.

You could be one who believes that doing things together is advantageous and useful to bring a real change, but you would like to do it keeping a personal space for yourself.

Or you may be one of those who believe that changing the world starts with a new awareness.

For example, you may believe in science and technology but want them to be respectful of the people’s feelings.

Maybe you don’t want to be constantly influenced in your decisions. You want to follow your true desires, making your abilities meet your professional life. You probalby dream about a social system that integrates the different personalities of everyone in a creative and balanced way.

You could be looking for an open world, where you’re not afraid to be honest all the time because people and institutions agree to share information in a transparent way.

Or maybe not.

Maybe you feel at one with the planet , and think it’s more important to give back all the care and nourishment we received so far. You value beauty and happiness as fundamental for everyone and everything.

Another possibility, instead, is that you are concerned about wars and hunger and see them as an effect of the way wealth is distributed. So you would like an economy based not on numbers, productivity and surplus only, but also on caring, sustainability, real assets, traditional shops and activities coordinated by “multilocal” companies. You may be wanting safe and fair water access, healthy food, recyclable materials and traditional processes instead of harmful excessive standardizations.

Or maybe, instead, you’ve just been looking for a way to make your daily little effort valuable to bring the changes you wish for.

All these are different beliefs, but together, they can create a wealthy and enjoyable social ecosystem. Your belief becomes even more crucial when seen together with the other ones.

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