Cooperacy is a nonprofit project spreading cooperation awareness and cooperation based ecosystems: on a more scientific side, this is achieved transforming the current power law distribution of resources, decisions and activities into a more even one.

The Cooperacy Platform is the base of Cooperacy circular economic ecosystem. The participants voluntarily pool one euro per month in order to fund their own ideas. The profits generated by these ideas goes back to the common pool, triggering a co-owned virtuous process.

To fund itself, Cooperacy offers also corporate services and activities like the measurement of the cooperation level in any organization.
This is done through Cooperacy Research, the scientific association which investigates about possible social systems based on cooperation and ecosystemic awareness.

The Cooperation Context Index shows instead the possibility of cooperation in most of the countries in the world.

Joining Cooperacy will let you experiment and support a different social ecosystem based on cooperation.



Alessandro Merletti De Palo
Co-founder and coordinator of Cooperacy


Federica Framba


Ali Akhtari
Front-End Developer


Ilario Tito


Alessia De Santis
Public Administration Projects


Marco Marincola


Enea Barbetta


Giosetta Ciuffa
Press Relations


We like so much transparency that we want everyone to be able to know our bank account balance and inspect our paypal account. We have nothing to hide.
Bank account: our bank information is: IBAN IT 61 D0623001623000043225634 BIC/SWIFT CRPPIT2P277 - Filiale AG 23 00277 - Cariparma, via della Moscova 53 Milano 20121 and the current bank balance is around 800 euros, updated: 16 November 2020
Paypal: you can access our account from the standard paypal login with COOPERATION + password cooperation2016


The Cooperacy Association was founded in Italy, Milan, the day 21/07/2015. Its current address is Via della Moscova 39, 20121 Milano.

We're still doing some more work to allow better transparency. If you don't see something you're curious of, please ask for more information to be shown in this page.
Moreover, if you want, have a look at what could be your interest in Cooperacy.