Our project articles propose a definition of cooperation based on an interdisciplinary constructs model, being compared on international indicators PLS analysis, social representation, Facebook groups real and relational benefits analysis, game theory dual benefit analysis and subsequent mathematical model theorization:

- Conference paper, MIT Collective Intelligence Conference 2015, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor - Centre for Complex Systems, held in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley
- Conference paper, MIT Collective Intelligence Conference 2016, New York University Stern School of Business
- In publication: Cooperation and Collective Intelligence, LabGov and IASC selection from the Conference of Urban Commons, Bologna
- Cooperation: the Art of Mutual Enjoyment, Springer
- Conference paper, Partial Least Square 2017 international conference, Introducing a Cooperation Context Index for countries

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Our investigation is therefore currently being described qualitatively and quantitatively at a scientific level, never the less we cooperate with common people coherently with our model that is inclusive, considering diversity a strong potential. Everyone is therefore invited to participate and cooperate with us.

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