If you could change the world with one euro per month, would you do it?

Our idea of a platform for ideas to be realized is the base for a strong change in the world, and it will be financed just with one euro per month. It's a challenge, a miracle we want to achieve because it is possible for real.

Re-buying our world

The ideas generated within the platform will produce salaries for the people who would like to commit to the projects in complete freedom and wealth that will be reused to develop new ideas or buy assets like parts of lands to protect, houses to rent and then to reinvest the earning, etc. It will be like a cycle. We want to create value and with that value to buy our world back.


Imagine a social change that is possible exclusively according to the number of people participating. Imagine a million people, a million euro per month transforming the world. Imagine that money could be only used when a collective will is found, and a joint enjoyable idea is realized. Imagine a wind of many and many single euros blowing ideas all over the world and realizing them.

The platform

The platform will allow us to choose the best ideas and proportionally finance them according to the principles of cooperation. A big data memory will learn from our actions and even suggest, in the long run, which ideas are good or have good development possibilities and which ones aren't. Our international "Multi-Local" holding will grow strong enough to resemble a multinational with a colorful heart. A huge, international foundation coordinating different ideas from all over the world. The more local activities, the more we can transform the world and with our earnings buy our world back and start a worldwide community respectful of the environment and of all the human beings with their undeniable rights.